Kelor Island, labuan Bajo, Indonesia


Kelor Island, a small island beside Komodo Island,

Tired from the day’s island hopping which included menjerite island  and Rinca Island, I didn’t have the energy to go up to the summit of the hill in Kelor Island. Like Padar, the trail up is quite steep, dry and crumbly.  it was worth the short hike. From the top, you can see a panoramic view of the island’s tip with the surrounding islands nearby.

the most guest  favorite view is still of Padar Island though.

Instead, we just walked around the uninhabited island, took photos, and basically beach bummed while the others snorkeled and swam.

The island does not have a white sandy beach all throughout. There were some parts that were quite rocky, probably eroded from the hill. Best that you bring aqua shoes to be sure.

While walking in knee-deep waters, we also noticed some sea urchins like in Kanawa Island. I urge you to take caution especially while playing in the shallow waters or snorkeling.


How to get to Kelor Island

How long is the boat ride from Labuan Bajo: 15-20 minutes

Entrance fee: Free entry; Usually included in tours around Komodo national park

Best months to visit: April to November (Peak season for tourists is around July to August)

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