Sanur Beach

Sanur is situated on the eastern coastline, protected by a coral reef. The waves are much gentler and therefore Sanur’s beach is known as the holiday place for the whole family and honeymooners alike. The beach is wide and white, and sheltered by a reef. At  low tide it;s very shallow, and you have to pick your way out over rocks and coral through knee-deep water.Many people think it’s ideal and you’ll find many of them paddling here on Sunday holidays, particularly at the northern end of the beach. At high tide the swimming is fine, and there’s also a classic but fickle surf break.


Sanur Beach is a beautiful white sandy beach with calm and warm seawater located in east part of Denpasar Town. Sanur was once a fishing village has a sleepy charm where the cultural and religious duties of Hindu Bali are still taken very seriously. The sleepy charm of the area attracts visitors who are quite content to enjoy the tropical warmth of the sun and the beach which is protected by a shallow reef. A well maintained boulevard stretches the entire length of Sanur village beachfront providing the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll taking in the sights of the brightly coloured local fishing vessels that decorate the shoreline.

Sanur is six km from Denpasar, one can get to this beach by car, motorcycle or regular public transportation. Sanur has been known worldwide literally a century ago, when the deadly, horrendous battle of Puputan Badung took place on September 20, 1906 as the Dutch troops anchored here. This beach was first introduced into international community by a Belgian painter, A.T. Le Mayeur, who married a Balinese dancer Ni Polok, and stayed here since 1937 and often held painting exhibitions of his own.


The main attraction of Sanur is its calm beach. In the south east, one can observe Nusa Penida Island across the sea and in the eastern side, the panoramic view of South Bali along with its range of mountains is a spectacular sight that should not be missed. In a bright afternoon the scenery is simply beautiful.


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    Posted by Katie| October 20, 2016 |Reply

    wow the picture is nice 🙂
    do you know where is in Sanur has a swing at the beach?
    Info please, Thank you very much 🙂

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      Posted by Indo Trip| October 20, 2016 |Reply


      yes, sanur has a swing, its located at Mertasari Beach, have a small entrance fee about Rp.20.000/person . you can acces to the beach and play the swing on the beach .

      Thank you

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